About us

Passionate about his rich Italian history, seeped in culture, tradition and food, Simone knew he needed to bring the flavours and stories of his relatively untouched region to Australia. 

Together with wife Natalie, they set on a journey to source artisan produce, made in the agriculturally rich and largely overlooked part of Italy, Tuscia. 

"Our identity is that we focus solely on this agriculturally rich area of Italy. The soil is really the making of the product, and the Tuscia area is truly blessed in that sense. You have the sea, the volcanic hills and the lakes.

We really want to bring the tastes of Tuscia to Australia. We also have a number of contacts well positioned to work with tourists when the market reopens, including incredible opportunities to excavate Etruscan tombs. It’s time for Australian’s to discover the undiscovered Italy"